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8 lessons from the global PR revolution

This article appeared previously in Marketing Magazine on September 3, 2013.

Delegates from 18 countries meet at the recent Global Alliance AGM in Helsinki.

Even as economic power has become increasingly concentrated in large corporations, communication power has become more diffuse. Most of us now carry global publishing power in our pockets, and we are connected to one another like never before. This combination of access and interconnection gives us the ability to make or break reputations and brands.

For the last two years, I’ve had a unique vantage point on this tumultuous change, as chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, the confederation of the world’s PR and communications professional associations.

Professional business communicators are on the front lines of the communications revolution. The Global Alliance represents 160,000 practitioners and academics around the globe and I’ve been able to meet thousands of communicators on every continent, from at least 30 different countries and many different cultures. Based on that experience, I can share a few insights about how communication is changing the world of business — and how business communication itself must change as a consequence. more »

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Finding the ‘best of the best:’ Five reasons why PR awards matter

Argyle President Daniel Tisch and Senior Consultant Brendan Agnew-Iler accept Don Rennie Award

In the workplace, the way people report shapes the way people think

Who is doing the best work in public relations and professional communication? That’s something every client, agency, professional and academic should want to know.

This question was on the minds of many at the International Association of Business Communicators’ World Conference in New York this week, where IABC’s Gold Quill Awards were presented to communicators from around the world. The Argyle team was excited to do well with three international Gold Quills from IABC, just weeks after earning four national awards from the Canadian Public Relations Society and Campaign of the Year honours from CPRS Toronto.

Awards are great for morale. But do award programs actually result in better, smarter communications programs? more »

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Reputation is a journey, and research provides the roadmap

For corporations and countries alike, reputational change requires knowledge, action & communication

I spoke this week at the Reputation Institute’s conference in Barcelona, Spain, where the company released its annual RepTrak survey of company and country reputations. According to 55,000 people in 15 large economies, the world’s most reputable company is BMW, and the most reputable country is Canada. more »

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