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TRUST: The currency of resilient business

‘Trust is like the air we breathe. When it’s present, nobody really notices. But when it’s absent, everybody notices.’ Warren Buffett

Elements of Trust

Source: PwC UK, adapted from the “Trustworthy Organisation” by Dr Andrew Tucker

Business has always been about trust and relationships – but never more so than today. With non-physical and non-financial assets now comprising the vast majority of most companies’ valuations, intangibles such as trust and reputation have become critical to long-term success.

What are the keys to earning trust – and keeping it? This was the topic of a panel I chaired at the International Integrated Reporting Council‘s recent conference in Madrid. As a member of the IIRC’s Working Group, I was joined on the panel by two experts, Helen Tuddenham and Helen Reeve Morris, both of PwC UK. This post summarizes our discussion.

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Canadian families: What they mean to political parties

Who represents the Canadian family?
Fiscal update frames pre-election debate for stakeholders

The battle for the hearts and minds of Canadians in next October’s election officially begins as Finance Minister Joe Oliver delivered the annual fall budget update and fiscal projections.

Moving the normally stuffy fiscal update out of the House of Commons and into a Toronto hotel conference room – and the media centre of the country – the governing Conservatives were clearly hoping to get their message directly into the media streams of every day Canadians.

In addition, this approach made it harder for the opposition leaders to respond to the message and splintered the location and ability of news organisations to cover the reactions from all major political players.

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Argyle Communications opens federal public affairs practice in Ottawa

Parliament building in Ottawa, Canada

(Ottawa, Canada, October 30, 2014) – Argyle Communications, one of Canada’s largest independent public relations firms, today announced the opening of a federal public affairs practice in Ottawa. Argyle has done extensive work in government communications at all levels – federal, provincial, municipal and international – and is well-placed to deepen its activities in the nation’s capital.

The award-winning firm, headquartered in Toronto since 1979, is led by CEO Daniel Tisch, a former senior political advisor and public servant in various departments, and past chair of the public relations industry’s global professional body. Tisch and the Argyle team are well-known for communications, advocacy, crisis management and stakeholder consultations on some of the most complex issues in the public sector. These include food and drug safety, environmental issues, health care, transportation, infrastructure, urban affairs, agriculture, R&D, financial services, international trade, child welfare and procurement.

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